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  1. D

    DnB Was wondering what you guys thought...

    Was wondering if I could get some feedback or tips on this is it ready for mastering or does it need any more edits? Am going for like a Darkstep/Neurofunk type of vibe on this...
  2. D


    Alright so I'm trying to step up my game, but the level I'm trying to achieve is way up there. Here is a link of where I'm at right now: The question is would you guys consider this a banger and if not how much more needs to be done and what exactly?
  3. JBrennand99

    Slicing/Shuffles/Ghost Notes - Tips & tricks

    So yeah I've recently been chopping up old vintage hip-hop breaks, stretching & pitching them up till they have that snappy tone - I've found slicing at the original BPM, pitching up to 140pm, then bouncing out & putting them into a drum machine at 170-180bpm works nicely. (I usually take only...
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