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    DnB Thing - Studio Mix #11

    BUY LATEST EP : @thing_estonia Book Me -
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    Thing - Ninja Ninja Podcast 024
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    Thing - 2016 Guest Mix
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    Thing - They see me rollin'
  5. N

    DnB Survey - Taiga EP incl. Thing Remix

    Our next release on Nord Label will be a 4 track EP which will come out on lovely 12" vinyl and digital. It features noone else than Berlins duo Survey and a remix by estonian producer and head of Dubthing Records Thing! With our fifth installment we also take a step towards the dancefloor...
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    Thing - untitled business
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    Thing - Drum & Bass Idea #98
  8. thingmusic

    Thing - This Mixtape Is So 2015

    DOWNLOAD : 1.Soul Intent - Culture 2.Module Eight - False Positive 3.Ancestral Voices - Metamorphosis 4.Ghost Warrior - Intruders 5.Roy Apron - Two Theories (Overlook Remix) 6.Transparent x C-Side - Metaphisics 7.Whiplash (Alix Perez edit) 8.Skeptical - Just One...
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    Thing - DNB DOJO 20 (Blu mar ten music, 31 records , dubthing records)

    Thing is a busy man. Between dropping tracks for the likes of Doc Scott’s 31 Records and Blu Mar Ten Music the Estonian producer releases a phenomenal quantity of music via his own Dubthing and Depthwise labels. Thing has been kind enough to take time out of the studio to record our latest...
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    Thing - Collected Works (Dubthing Records)

    Grab new Thing album, available thru bandcamp :) ALBUM LINK :
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