1. Ravingreligion

    No Human Sound (Spain) promo mix

    We’re very pleased to end the year’s uploads with the first promo mix of our new series, brought to you by the exciting up and coming Spanish drum & bass production & DJ duo No Human Sound. Their debut single ‘Ronin/Chicago’ was released on Monday on Lost Recordings and with lots more in store...
  2. O

    Kasra 2015 id?

    Hi guys Bit of a longshot this one but anyways, I heard kasra drop this tune, it had vocals from the song at 8:59 in this the vocals were like "stoppa stoppa st st stoppa" and then dropped into some techy neuro sounding tune I know its not much to go on but cheers anyway
  3. wingz

    Waxworks Movement #54 - Wingz (Demand, Flexout, Context)

    hey guys, made a little mix for waxworks movement london, hope you enjoy :lighter: Tracklist: 1 - Wingz - Unconditional [Context Audio] 2 - Ivy Lab - 20 Questions [Critical] 3 - Ill Truth - Hollow Game [Soul Trader] 4 - Alix Perez - Floating [FREE] 5 - Klax - Rekanize [Critical] 6 - HLZ -...
  4. ReevahRaw

    Raw Fri 24th March

    Raw DNB 24th March @ Mash House, Guthrie Street, Edinburgh 11pm-3am....monthly Drum And Bass Ft Aesthetics, Jammin, Recon and Reevah no rwnds no Mc's.... just raw heavy beats!!
  5. Wyzyx

    DnB Deep, techy and rolling mix (Wyzyx presentation)

    Hello guys, I would like to submit you my latest mix! I'm new on this forum so let me introduce myself :) I'm Esteban, I come from Belgium and I have 20 years! It's been 5 years since I'm really into drum and bass, the first dnb track I've listened was Kiss Kiss Bang Bang by High Contrast! I...
  6. DNBMonk

    DnB Monk Cast mix E2 featuring (A.M.P.S)

    Second time round fixing a just under 1 hour set from A.M.P.S... Half time, Murk and minimal all that techy stuff! This guy does love his double drops and smooth transitions. please give us a follow to lock in for future podcasts.
  7. Fashh

    DnB 60 Minute Neuro Rinseout [VIDEO LINK INCLUDED]

    Happy Friday ppl - not posted a mix up on here before, so thought I'd give it a go! Very happy with how this one turned out, 60mins of neuro and heavy dancefloor bangers. Full Tracklisting; 1. Spor - Mind of an Insomniac (Ft Icicle & Linguistics) 2. Neonlight - Bad Omen 3. Maztek - Limber...
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