Music from Numb, Vladislav Delay, Chevel, Karim Mass, Mike Dehnert, Uun, Quirke, Operant and others. Noise, Techno and EBM for social distancers. Vladislav Delay-Rakka Numb-God is Dead Chevel-Floating Karim Maas-Beyong The Blakk Rainbow Delta Funktionen-Satellite Galaxies Delta Funktionen-Hurt...
  2. B

    Hardcore 09.11.2019 Bunker Party @ Kulturhaus Kili, Berlin

    Die Bunkerparty ist wieder da! Feiern wie im legendären Bunker mit den originalen DJ's und Liveact's von damals. Strobo und Nebel stehen bereit wenn es wieder heisst: Let the attack begin!! 90's Hardcore, Rave, Hardtrance, Techno, Trance, House, Breakbeat und mehr .... Hardcorefloor: +...
  3. V

    Paradoxe, le complot Drum N Bass/Techno: 19/10/2019 - Le Klub (Paris 1)

    Cher Forum, bonjour … l’heure est grave : PARADOXE, le complot Drum’N Bass Techno Samedi 19 octobre 2019 – 23 :30 … 6 :00 ... ... [Canal encrypté]: Votre mission, si toutefois vous l'acceptez, sera de danser tout au long de la nuit. Il vous sera impératif d'être doté d'une capacité...
  4. DeeGun

    Techno 45 Minutes of Techno - The Mover

    1. Makaton - Paradise Lost - (Token) 2. Callum Plant - Xhang - (DEAD CERT. Records.) 3. Ploy - Iron Lungs - (Timedance) 4. I-F - The Search - (Disko B) 5. Umwelt - Guts Of The City - (Rave Or Die) 6. DVS1 - Running - (Klockworks) 7. Steve Bicknell - Odyssey #1 - (Ostgut Ton) 8. Eomac - Spectre...
  5. Ravingreligion

    Purcey - The Raving Religion Podcast 39

    In line with the current UK weather, we’ve got an ice-cold mix from our latest resident Purcey for your listening pleasure. Making his podcast debut in style, he’s drawn for an underground and highly intelligent selection of pounding 4/4 beats, ranging from house to techno, seamlessly mixed and...
  6. DeeGun

    Techno Ben Sims - Run it red #37 @ NTS Radio (Feb. 2018)

    1. Oisel - Replicante. Thema 2. Eduardo De La Calle - Rhythmic Soundscapes. Planet E 3. Simon Haydo - Parade of Unhappy. Peder Mannerfelt Produktion 4. The Sabres of Paradise - Lick Wid Nit Wit (A Sagittariun Happy Jacks Remix). Elastic Dreams 5. Cari Lekebusch & Nima Khak - Lost Prophet...
  7. DeeGun

    Techno Slam - Rinse FM 7.2.2018
  8. DeeGun

    Techno Kevin Saunderson - Into the Future @ Rinse FM 31st December 2017
  9. T Electro Podcast needs Help for Crowdfunding

    Traex makes electro music podcasts and started a crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter. Your help is wanted to make the campaign a success. Please share the link or chosse a reward. There are sponsoring options available and new releases. To get further information visit the Kickstarter page...
  10. illumiNaughty

    Multi Genre IllumiNaughty presents: Underworld

    n the 28.10.17 illumiNaughty will be back at Bowlers Manchester! Join The Goblin and all his characters as the story unfolds revealing another chapter in the IllumiNaughty story… This Halloween expects to see: 6 rooms each with a unique sound and character, Stage performers running from start...
  11. S

    For Sale Techno, vinyl only release

    Shade Of Drums - Cyclic Numbers EP 01 Released: 29 May 2017 Tracks: Digits / Life Circuits / Machine Pulse / Vapourware Vinyl only 2 tracks from release: Cost: 10 euro + shipping (from Ukraine or Germany) Media Condition: Mint (M) Sleeve Condition: Generic Send orders to email...
  12. M

    Dubstep Meta-physical Dubstep

    These tunes will open up doors to whole new worlds for you. Sampling great scientists from Shini Somara to Michio Kaku, my beats are ranging in style from scientific to meta-physical. Again, a lot of mental doors will open for you if you listen to my music.
  13. neopopart

    MOUTARDE A L’ANCIENNE @ La Java, Paris: Le 30/09/2016

    [/URL][/IMG] De minuit à l'aube 10 € Techno and more R-ZAC (SP 23 - Expressillon) = 69 DB + CRYSTAL DISTORTION live LAURENT HO JANO ISOTOPE (Isotope - Network 23)...
  14. DeeGun

    Paul Kalkbrenner - Back to the Future Mix Series

    Vol.1 Tracklist 01. The Source Experience – The Source Experience 02. 280 West – Scattered Dreams 03. Quadrophonia – Warp Factor One 04. Nelson FFWD Cruz – My House 05. Frequency – Hey, Hey, Hey 06. DHS – House Of God 07. Acid Jesus – Fairchild 08. Master Techno – Red Religion 09. AUX 88 –...
  15. smoothassilk

    Techno Scrapheaper - Minimalism Vol. 1 (EP) samples

    How is the mix? Is it peaking or dipping anywhere it shouldn't be? Do all the tunes sound consistent? Can I afford to compress it a little more or should I stop driving it so hard? Is it house or techno (i think techno but I've never been very hot on the whole house v techno thing) Also, do...
  16. T

    24/09/16 - DREAM NATION - After Techno Parade – Paris - France

    DREAM NATION FESTIVAL is back ! Saturday night on September 24 to close the Techno Parade, all major genres of electronic music will be reunited in the same event, unique in Paris. 4 scenes will host more than 30 artists, amazing video installations, rides, and a unique cultural melting pot...
  17. neopopart

    BALANCE MAMAN HORS DU TRAIN @ La Java, Paris: Vendredi 1 er juillet 2016

    De 23h à l’aube 10 € - 5 € avant minuit Clubbing qui déraille PROSPER (Neo Pop Art - Boxon Records) is-not- dead-feat- woodhead-zebra- remix-prosper- azaxx?in=djprosper/sets/prince-tribute GREG LE GRAND (Neo Pop Art - Furie 45)...
  18. DeeGun

    Altern 8 (Mark Archer) Boiler Room Nottingham DJ Set

    Tracklist and Download -
  19. J

    Bristol - Imre Kiss 18/06

    To bristol people and beyond... We're bringing Imre Kiss to Take 5 Cafe on 18th June. Very excited to be bringing him in for a special 3 hour set. Expect only the best atmospheric and engaging house and techno, perfectly suited for Take 5's basement vibes. Tickets are £5 OTD, don't miss out...
  20. H

    REVOLT! Festival - 120+ DJs & Live Acts | 3 Days Of Music, Camping, & Unity

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