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  2. xiris

    AIR Music's Hybrid 3 + all exp. for $9 -

    It looks like a pretty standard synth, 6 osc, LFOs, envelopes, everything programmable to 4 macro controls, etc etc [watch the demo video 3 if you want a quick walkthrough of what features are in there] What's really got my interest is that it comes with 1200 presets [before expansion packs]...
  3. M

    What makes an MC differentiate completely from your standard Host ?

    I find a lot such as quality, lyrics, picking your moment, breaks, crowd control and Hype.. most important is putting in passion.. no one likes stand as around no energy MCS shouting bars upon bars.. they should at least look like they arefused at least really enjoying themselves.. im not one to...

    Getting that early-mid 90's synth pad sound?

    examples: sound starts at beginning. sound starts at 3:13 Thanks in advance.
  5. daveyberkowitz

    Vocal dnb remix

    Felt like doing something that had some vocals last weekend so i let the cheesiness flow through me and slapped this one together :razz: for the sing along crew ! :p
  6. C

    How you think this bass was made?

    The example of the bass i`m trying to make starts at 1:27 Here`s another example, starts at 1:13 I tried doing it in massive by experimenting with the scream and comb fiters using simple waveforms like square and saw beacuse other ones only made it worse. Then i tried FM but got nowhere. Do...
  7. D

    Death Valley

  8. C

    Drum & Bass Making Jump-Up Synths [help]

    Tutorials or explanations on making jump up synths? I can make "filthy" sounding synths but they always sound very unclear or "wet" unlike the various other synths out there! Also, can anyone recommend any Synthesizer VSTs (free) as well as good places for kick/snare samples. here are some...