1. xiris

    DnB XIRIS - Switch

    This is a bit different for me, haven't done anything heavy since Danger Zone [that's been worth sharing anyways, there are some seriously awful reece rollers on my hard drive now, hahah]. This one all started with my playing with chords and drums, and evolved several times into what is now...
  2. C

    DnB Loadstar - Switch

    Been dropped a few times this year but as far as I'm aware has not been released yet? Anyone got any news on this? *The embed is not working properly, tune starts at 40:36, even get a rewind!
  3. DJ Squibb

    DnB https://soundcloud.com/dj-squibb/dj-squibb-viper-mix-competition

    First mix for 7 years . . . 1. pop it off - prototypes ft mad head city 2. glow worm - matrix and futurebound 3. whip slap - dimension 4. radiophopbia - kelle 5. take you higher - Wilkinson 6. hotbox - mind vortex 7. amygdala - chords 8. you had it - Hamilton 9. together in the night - mira...
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