1. rhysfuckyeah

    DnB The Basslet wearable subwoofer?

    Hey, I wondered whether anyone owns a Basslet? It's this made silent subwoofer that you wear on your wrist. I've seen a few posts about it online and would love to basically go through the Artificial Intelligence back catalogue with it. I see that they have an offer to get £20 off - DNBHEADS...
  2. subwoofah

    DnB Sub-Woofah presents Brian Brainstorm and Verdikt - Manchester Exclusive

    To celebrate the launch of our workshops we welcome BRIAN BRAINSTORM in from Germany for a UK EXCLUSIVE, plus a Manchester debut from VERDIKT and some of our motely gang! All proceeds made at this event will go towards funding Sub-Woofah Workshops (a new youth a community project providing...
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