1. W

    Multi Genre 14.12.2019 ► SUB'КУЛЬТУРА ● CINEMA BAR ХАУЗ

    ★ DF PROMO★ presents: ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ We are the new SUBCULTURE! Первая зимняя SUBКУЛЬТУРА готова растопить снег на улице и в сердцах:) Как и всегда, вас ожидает щедрая порция актуальной bass музыки самых разных форматов, теплая компания, просторное, уютное и креативно оформленное...
  2. Ravingreligion

    DnB Mark Dinimal (Data 3) podcast #36

    TRACKLIST UP ASAP All you ravers who are off to Outlook this week we've got an ideal warm up mix for you, packed full of dubs and impressively mixed by Data 3's Mark Dinimal. As his name suggests, Mark's sound is slightly darker and more minimalistic than his weighty dancefloor orientated...
  3. rhysfuckyeah

    DnB The Basslet wearable subwoofer?

    Hey, I wondered whether anyone owns a Basslet? It's this made silent subwoofer that you wear on your wrist. I've seen a few posts about it online and would love to basically go through the Artificial Intelligence back catalogue with it. I see that they have an offer to get £20 off - DNBHEADS...
  4. blackphil

    New Tune (Drum$Bass)

    Hi, Here's a new tune. please like, follow and or share if you like what you hear. Suggestions also welcome ^.^ Cheers.
  5. Holborn

    DnB Holborn - Underground (Feedback needed)

    Hi all, Straight out of the oven, still needs work doing, but can't seem to find good ideas how to progress. Could you guys give some constructive feedback? Roast completely if need-be. Thanks in advance! Also I have a question to the experienced crowd: • Sub on this tune peaks at 30-40Hz...
  6. Badscrape

    Big Sub synth ??

    hello, I am looking to make big sub bass , sound like Dj Version / Sativa Dub /T>I ... I work with Massive .. But I can not at desired result , If someone have a great technic hit me up :) Big up !!!!
  7. Fine Primitive Sounds

    90's jungle sub-bass sweeps

    What was the actual synthesizer of choice for those sweeps? It's surely not all just Akai-ed 808 long sustained kicks repitched? I know any synth can do a simple sine with some portamento in mono mode, but was there a specific tool for the job or at least a popular one?
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