1. THE Dominion Order

    Serious DJ's only

    DJ's.. We're not a station.. We are a Collective We primarily use Technics Turntables and occasionally CDJ's. We spin Original acid house (if and when we find the right soldier for the job) Oldschool DNB ( new and old ) JUNGLE (new and old ) 140 Beats We NEVER use sync buttons. We NEVER...
  2. RivalTechnique

    DnB L35 Studio Mix Feat. RivalTechnique [FREE DOWNLOAD] L35 Studio Mix Feat. RivalTechnique [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  3. O

    EU ProMixEQ-10A high quality mix equalizer by ONLINEMASTERINGSTUDIO.EU (FREEWARE!)

    ONLINEMASTERINGSTUDIO.EU, on-line mix and mastering studio owned by Marian Brezekhiel Brezovan releases: EU ProMixEQ-10A, high quality precise mixing equalizer. ProMixEQ-10A EU is VST plug-in mixing equalizer designed by Marian Brezekhiel Brezovan, who has more than 10 years of experiences...
  4. CoherencePromo

    DnB Rupas - Engine [2016] Janset - Hold On (Deependz Remix) Lockjaw - Idol (Displaced Paranormals Remix) Nucleoid - Virus ft. Sinead McCarthy Chris.SU - Manipulator Machine Code - Evacuation (Vip) Zardonic & Thought & Syze - Salvation Inward Phase - The Game Subtle Element -...
  5. miszt

    SubSymmetry Studio One - Mix/Mastering in Stereo & 5.1 (+discount code)

    We are finally opening this weekend and back in business! :atadnb: After months of calculations, testing, building and hair loss, SubSymmetry Studio One is finally ready to make some noise, and we're offering a limited discount to DnBForum members - drop a message to miszt for a discount code...
  6. Alien Exposure

    Room acoustics: Where should i position my desk in this room?

    Hey guys, so i'm investing in a few things to turn my bedroom into a bit more of a studio with a few bass traps, some absorbers, a difusser and some decent home-studio monitors (Im getting two yamaha hs8) The room is rectangular shaped with the door in one of the corners. There is a big window...
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