1. Q

    Spor Bass Design

    Hello everyone, I was watching Spor's video with Razer about bass design and I have a question. How does he do the "double wub" at 4:27? Here is the link to the video: I noticed that before he turned Trash 2 on, the bass was doing only a single wub. Thanks for the help :)
  2. Fashh

    DnB 60 Minute Neuro Rinseout [VIDEO LINK INCLUDED]

    Happy Friday ppl - not posted a mix up on here before, so thought I'd give it a go! Very happy with how this one turned out, 60mins of neuro and heavy dancefloor bangers. Full Tracklisting; 1. Spor - Mind of an Insomniac (Ft Icicle & Linguistics) 2. Neonlight - Bad Omen 3. Maztek - Limber...
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