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    Spearhead Records Presents… Alix Perez - Rockwell, Commix, Storm, Reso and The Vanguard Project + Su

    Spearhead Records Presents… Friday January 12th 2018 Main Room: Alix Perez - Rockwell, Commix, Storm, Reso and The Vanguard Project Ground Floor: Seba, Monty, Kimyan Law, Villem & McLeod, Mutated Forms and A1rshots Terrace: Hosted By SunAndBass Recordings: Doc Scott, DJ Lee, FD, Delicat...
  2. acidnbass

    Mutated Forms - Around You

    Definitely my favourite from Holograms.
  3. acidnbass

    FD - Still The Same

    Hmmmm those sexy vibes from FD. Lovely EP. Buy link below. Buy: https://spearheadrecords.bandcamp.com/album/still-the-same-ep
  4. djrogy

    DnB RogY - Liquid, Intelligent mix

    https://hearthis.at/rogy/dnbmix1/ (with download link) or https://www.mixcloud.com/djRogY/drumbass-mix-4-liquid-intelligent/ Hi guys! This is my hourly mix with most of liquid tunes. Played from cdjs and also a few tracks from turntable. I appreciate any feedback in advance. Hope you will...
  5. Der Ausländer

    SPEARHEAD RECORDS - Release thread

    This outstanding label deserves a thread. Newsletter updates have been popping crazy as a load of new pre-orders are up on Bandcamp. 13th May => https://spearheadrecords.bandcamp.com/album/everyday-emotions-ep 27th May => https://spearheadrecords.bandcamp.com/album/still-the-same-ep...
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