1. bhksamples

    New BHK Samples Demo Packs!

    The demo packs of all wav libraries were exchanged, whoever is interested now gets to hear all samples of the WAV libraries with the new demo pack download. Registration is not necessary to download the demo packs! Have fun exploring over 13.000 samples.
  2. ThinkMolecule

    Reese Preset Packs Suck! So I Made A Better One

    I've been making bass music since forever and I've always noticed that the preset packs usually contain little to no validated Reese Basses. So I made one myself for everyone else. It's only $10 and for what I've paid for other people's packs it's damn worth it. You can buy it from my website...
  3. Kalos

    DnB Curious of bass sounds

    Hello there dnbfourm, I'm new to this website and have been looking around on the forums and couldn't help but notice the wanting to get a certain bass sound from other producers.This isn't a post on finding out how to get a certain bass sound, but curious to get inside the minds of people who...
  4. PRTCL

    100 free atmospheric samples

    Ez people, I'm giving away 100 free atmospheric sounds on my soundcloud page to celebrate hitting my first 1000 followers on the page. I've also written a short guide on how I make some of the sounds which can be found on my site...
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