1. Z

    Phoenix da Icefire & Husky Brown Album Teaser

    New album Panacea releases in May, joint project between Phoenix da Icefire (Triple Darkness) and producer Husky Brown Production fuses hip hop, electronica, dub, bass, r&b, & soul. They launched a trailer video yesterday
  2. J

    DnB Drum And Bass Sessions: Volume 1 (Soul Edition - Calibre, Alix Perez, SpectraSoul, LSB, FD)

    Listen to Drum And Bass Sessions: Volume 1 by JackStreet on #SoundCloud This is the first in a series of Drum & Bass mixes I'll be uploading frequently - So with that in mind it's only right to kick things off with some soulful vibes! I'v included some personal favourites from the likes of...
  3. Influence Records

    Influence Records presents Influenced w/ Fabio, Makoto, Aaron Jay, J:Skeptik plus more

    OUR EARLY BIRD TICKETS ARE ON SALE NOW! INFLUENCED is coming July 27th to WORK BAR LONDON! Big line up including: Fabio (Creative Source/Swerve/Rinse FM) Makoto (Hospital Records) Aaron Jay (Influence Records/Swerve/ 31 Records) J:Skeptik (Influence Records/Riddm) Chug (Soul Deep/Co Lab/Smooth...
  4. Jester_

    DnB Impromptu One (Mix)

    High Contrast - Twilight's Last Gleaming Commix - How You Gonna Feel (Feat. Steve Spacek) Redeyes & Lenzman - High & Low Anthony Kasper - Suggestions North Base - Woman Dexcell - Think About You (feat Pat Fulgoni) Satl - Ayo Alix Perez - Dub Rock Lenzman - Got My Mind Made Up Pola & Bryson -...
  5. Ravingreligion

    Kappasaur - Night Sugar (The Dreamers)

    Kappasaur's latest release, supported by Skankandbass. Keep an eye on Kappasaur's pages as he's got lots more in store!
  6. stupdnb

    My last mix : Liquid, soul, deep and jazz session By Arturo dnb

    All your comments and feed-back are welcome and interesting for me Here is my last mix, I regrouped all my favorite tracks of the moment. There are new and old tunes but always in an atmospheric, jazzy and deep style. Tracklist : 01. Silent Dust - 1959 (Calibre Remix) 02. Submorphics - Work...
  7. fademusic

    DnB Back to Me (ft. GLOWE) [Liquid]

    New liquid track up on my Soundcloud - check it out. Cheers, Matt
  8. phillycentrik

    DnB Soul:Motion - Bittersweet

    Share the love guys :D
  9. phillycentrik

    DnB Hey Guys I'm Centrik, Liquid D&B Producer from Portsmouth. Check my fb page give us a like and share!! Fresh music coming soon, but you can check out all our latest stuff!!
  10. Degs

    Vision & Degs - Eurosoul Sessions Vol 1 (liquid dnb, singing/hosting emceeing)

    Yo guys! Used to post on here years ago but can't remember what under haha (thanks Mary Jane). Thought I'd post a new mix with myself and DJ Vision. I'm a little bit para about this style of hosting (whether there's a place for it) so any thoughts would be more than welcome. Have a sick one...
  11. Kolendo

    Nina Simone - I Put a Spell on You (Kolendo Bootleg) :: Liquid Funk/Ragga Vibes WIP - need feedback

    Once I'm finished this remix I'll probably release it as a free EP along with another tune I posted on here a couple days ago (should still be near the top of the new talent subforum). I'm trying REALLY hard to get the Nina Simone sample fitting nicely in the mix, it's a shame no one has ever...
  12. DNBMonk

    DnB MC 04 w/ Bowlcut Badman

    Bowlcut Badman coming fourth with a 50 minute Drum and bass mix, featuring an underground deep but heavy like mix. [DnB Monk]

    Soulful, wavy, and electric

    Check out the first NTRL RLBS original single "All Your Love" and our Jackson 5 "I Want You Back" Remix!
  14. J

    Lenzman - The dope tape - few rollers in here anyone got an idea?

    23:22 < that bassline oh my. 32:06 < random movement - lesson & aftermath 32:51 < Enei - moment of now 34:40 < Lenzman - Homie don't play that
  15. Resolution_ATL

    DnB Change is in the Air - Liquid Mix

    Recently recorded this mix for the Atlanta Drum & Bass crew. Wanted to get everyone pumped for Hospital Records showing up to TomorrowWorld this year. Just signed up for the DnB Forum and wanted to share it with you all. Any feedback is welcome. Enjoy! :D...
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