soul trader

  1. Ravingreligion

    Data 3 international guestmix for Bolo DNB Feb '17

    Alix Perez & Zero T - The Ladders Amoss- Yuzu Noisia & Alix Perez -Underprint Wingz- Confined Data 3 - Conker Dub DBR & Skeptical - Hexton Jubei - Congo Congo Natty - Junglist (S.P.Y remix) Data 3 - Molly Dauntless - Geomancy AirK & Cephei - Clockwork Data 3 - Dub Data 3 - When Dawn Breaks Jubei...
  2. A

    DnB Addictive Behaviour & Soul Trader Records Presents... ZERO T, ED:IT, GLXY, PHILTH, SATL, SUBDIVISION

    As 2016 comes to a close we are very excited to announce that Addictive Behaviour and Soul Trader Records will be teaming up on December 16th to bring you an eclectic mix of talent from each of the label's roster of artists. We are pleased to invite you to the heart of Dalston at the acclaimed...
  3. fresh plates

    Soul Trader LTD EP Vol 1

    Huge!! So glad to see Skynet getting more tunes pressed to wax lately. Soul Trader Records Str006 Chewy Jetpack - Mars (Skynet Remix) Skynet - Fractal Random Movement - Chop Shop Burn Surplus & Scifa - Switch 2 Suspense (Digital Remix)...
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