soul n bass

  1. djpsyche

    DnB Psyche - Deeper Soul Level DnB Vinyl Mix - Vol. 2

    1. Goldfinger by Laroque 2. Come To Play (Need For Mirrors & HLZ VIP) by Seven feat. Alys Be 3. Show 'Em What You Got by Influx UK 4. Only You by Digital 5. Remember Tullum by Atlantic Connection 6. My Love by Digital & Spirit 7. Capital Connection by Infectious 8. Just A Vision (Calibre...
  2. phillycentrik

    DnB Soul:Motion - Bittersweet

    Share the love guys :D
  3. phillycentrik

    Soul:Motion - Sentiment Share the love :D
  4. phillycentrik

    DnB Hey Guys I'm Centrik, Liquid D&B Producer from Portsmouth. Check my fb page give us a like and share!! Fresh music coming soon, but you can check out all our latest stuff!!
  5. Degs

    Vision & Degs - Eurosoul Sessions Vol 1 (liquid dnb, singing/hosting emceeing)

    Yo guys! Used to post on here years ago but can't remember what under haha (thanks Mary Jane). Thought I'd post a new mix with myself and DJ Vision. I'm a little bit para about this style of hosting (whether there's a place for it) so any thoughts would be more than welcome. Have a sick one...
  6. M

    Multi Genre SOUL n BASS - constructive feedback please!

    hi peeps, here a track I was working on the past 2 weeks (amongst other). it's clearly experimental .. combining SOUL with DNB, keeping it minimal and drum/percussion focussed. any feedback & advise on sound quality welcome. everyone - enjoy the weekend !!
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