1. R

    DnB Need help finding song!

    Hey everyone, Ive been looking for this damn song for so long but cant find it. Ive tried shazam, Ive tried messaging the uploader, Ive tried everything but I cant find it. My last hope is that one of you guys with a large collection recognizes it. It starts at about 7:10. I cant quit make...
  2. Archaea

    Unreleased Neuro Tracks (private link)

    Hey I have recently written a few tracks for my upcoming E.P. and would really like to hear what you think :) As private links don't work through this website really well, I have to put a gap in somewhere in the private link for it to be visible. I have two tracks to show you guys, I really hope...
  3. TwistedSenses16

    DnB New member - Unsigned Producer

    Hey DnB members, I'm new to the forum and I'm here to reach out to new listeners and find new artists and producers who'd like to collab. I have this new track I'd like to share and get some feedback on, its called 'The End', its a drum & bass track with a twist at the drop, and I think it'd be...
  4. L

    Very rare track, unknown ID

    Hey, so this is a song a local DJ plays at the club i go every week, hes a really cool guy but doesnt wanna tell me this songs name, its driving me crazy, i know its not drum and bass, its more of a trap song, but i dont know where else to ask for help. Last time the dj said "ill give u a clue...
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