snare tuning

  1. C

    Help With Snare

    So I've been trying to get a similar snare to Hazard's 'Bricks Don't Roll' for a while. This track has a similar acousticy snare which is what I'm after, but I'm struggling to get the prcoessed fat sound on it. Also, as for the hats in this track (and a lot of other DnB tunes), what makes them...
  2. Know One

    Kick & Snare Tuning - Loosing My Mind

    Hopefully I don't get slammed to hard for getting into this subject as I know the question of tuning kicks & snares to the root key of your song has come up a lot; but I'm still confused I guess you could say. Now, I know I can pitch my kicks and snares up or down and check the frequencies on...
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