1. MAYAK


    Hey guys! I've been barely producing on Ableton for a year now, and I've been really getting into DnB for the past few months. I usually produce hip-hop/trap types of beat and for some tracks, I would add my scream vocals. (Used to be in a metal/hardcore band lol) I aim for that raw & heavy...
  2. DeeGun

    Techno Slam - Rinse FM 7.2.2018
  3. DeeGun

    Happy Hardcore Classics 99 - 'Just Another Label Tribute Mix'

    Sunshine Productions - Above The Clouds Sunshine Productions - Take Me To The Top Sunshine Productions - Just A Melody Sunshine Productions - Symphony In September Sunshine Productions - Lonely N-ZO & DJ Invincible - Trippin' On Sunshine Sunshine Productions - I'll Be There Love Nation - Love...
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