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    June SignalsofSound mix

    Forgot to put this up here in time > but here it is.
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    signalsofsound May 2017

    Forgot to drop this here - Enjoy - I did. With pieces from the sharp, Homemadeweapons and MC Fokus EP – Crysalis, the Enei EP – Wolfpack, the first EP from S.P.Y - Alone in the Dark project and The forth EP release from The Vanguard Project on Spearhead. I've thrown in a couple from the...
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    DnB SoS - Dec 2016 mixcast up

    Just in the nick of time. Novembers SoS is a patchwork of contrasting drum variations with more than my usually quota of hoover. November releases featured on this mix include tracks from... Kimyan Laws - Zawadi, Commix - Generations EP and the some remixes from BCEE's last two LP's. Other...
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    SoS - Jan 2016

    January 2016 SoS - kicking off with some trad - £1 basement vinyl bin lolz
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