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  1. A

    Seba & Detboi Rinse FM Jan 2018 - Massive tune @ 1:17:00

    Any help appreciated! @ 1:17:00 Heavy duty. SC comments were not ID'ing this specific track. DOA thread was coming up dry too.
  2. N

    Spearhead Records Presents… Alix Perez - Rockwell, Commix, Storm, Reso and The Vanguard Project + Su

    Spearhead Records Presents… Friday January 12th 2018 Main Room: Alix Perez - Rockwell, Commix, Storm, Reso and The Vanguard Project Ground Floor: Seba, Monty, Kimyan Law, Villem & McLeod, Mutated Forms and A1rshots Terrace: Hosted By SunAndBass Recordings: Doc Scott, DJ Lee, FD, Delicat...
  3. InReach

    Seba Interview

    If we venture down to the smoother more sultry end of the drum and bass spectrum we`ll find the likes of Swedish national, Sebastian Ahrenberg aka Seba. If you are a keen fan of the deeper liquid sound then this should be a household name for you by now. With a musical career spanning over 20...
  4. J

    Liquid mix 2011 (Calibre, Seba, Break, DJ Marky)

    Yo, My days of putting together drum and bass mixes are over unfortunately. I thought i'd dig out my favourite mix that I made and re-upload it. When I posted it on here a few years back people seemed to enjoy it so I hope you enjoy it again! Forgive me for the lack of a tracklist, it would...