DnB Lao Wai feat. LeMeduza - Tie Me Up / New Grounds with Scar & Philth Remixes

    For Addictive Behaviour's 38th release Manchester born producer Lao Wai teams up with Swiss singer/songwriter Krizia Bass a.k.a. LaMeduza to bring you two stunning original cuts, showcasing a unique mix of dark, brooding production complemented by sinful but soulful vocals. TIE ME UP (ORIGINAL...

    5 Years Of Addictive Behaviour LP - Feat. Scar, Fre4knc, Philth, Kyrist, Data 3, Wreckless...

    Buy - As we finish off an incredible year for Addictive Behaviour our last release of 2018 salutes 5 years since the label’s formation. Celebrating this proud milestone, we have curated a various artists LP featuring a host of our favourite producers from past and...
  3. DeeGun

    SCAR - Metalheadz London - Promo Mix
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