1. B

    Website New DrumKit 70% OFF- Beastsamples

    Hello everyone, Producers' Day has arrived and a brand new DrumKit is here available in an extreme price for the next 72hours. The Primal Drums, our fullest drum collection for unlimited combinations including 172 files such as: One shots drum elements: kick-snares-shakers-percussions-fx/Drum...
  2. F

    Tracks with Blade Runner elements

    Just watched Blade Runner(1982) and heard some familiar elements from its music I strongly associate with banger tunes I did not listen to in ages. Maybe someone can help me out big time! Thanks in advance :)
  3. bhksamples

    A quality pay what you want drum'n'bass sample pack

    We have saved everything in order to offer it as cheap as possible :) except for the usual quality of the samples. Check the demo pack and find out how much it's worth to you. (mp3 demo) (24 Bit WAV) Cheers!
  4. Ekselon

    DnB Let 'em smoke

    Hi guys, I'm Seba from Belgium. Made this track with ableton+serum and samples from Big L. Comments, thoughts, critique is welcome!! Thanks!
  5. bhksamples

    Free Drum'n'Bass Samples

    Something new for your sample collection, contains cymbals & hihats + resampled & recycled content from various BHK libraries. Total 555 WAV files. Free download for a like or follow! Have fun!
  6. D

    Anybody Help With 4x4 / Bassline / House & Bass Samples / Wavs / Loops / Kits

    A thread for any one with 4x4 / bassline / house & bass samples / wav files / loops everyone welcome to join & help each other
  7. M

    Need Advice on Drum Plug ins for cubase

    Hey guys, I need to find a drum plug-in for cubase. I'm looking for one that can; use samples from my own kit/cymbals, provide 808 sounds/ electronic 'pad' sounds and also give me authentic drum samples from elsewhere. Thought I would try a forum for answers :) Any help is much appreciated...
  8. Villem

    Villem & McLeod Present: After Hours Sample Pack

    Ez crew, We have been busy creating the next batch of samples for you, we focused on what's important, Drums and Bass! We dug deep, finding breakbeat samples that had not been used before and gave them the 2017 174bpm treatment. Lots of bass samples ranging from filthy to smooth, on top of...
  9. Beyond Algorithms

    Re-up: Free Samples from Drumsound & Bassline Smith, Voltage, Audioporn

    Those were free giveaways from Drumsound & Bassline Smith, Voltage & Audioporn ( incl. Shimon, Fourward, Xilent & more). Overall 267 MB of Breaks, Basses, Pads, Fx and Drum Hits. In order to make it exclusive for members the .zip file is password protected. Hence, you should send...
  10. blueleven

    REQ: MethLab Sample Packs

    Hi guys, MethLab released two free sample packs a few month ago via their newsletter: - DEMBREAKZNPADSTHO - DATSNARETHO I was wondering if anyone of you guys got the breaks package. I was only able to get the snare samples. I contacted MethLab via Facebook, but no answer. It would be great...
  11. Ghosthack

    90 Free Trap and Dubstep Samples

    I have an ongoing series of free trap and dubstep sample packs since 2010 and released now number 6, this time with 90 files, featuring basslines, drum samples, pads, buildups, 808 stuff and presets for Serum and Massive. Check them here, a valid email address is required...
  12. Tundra

    Recommended Sample packs

    Morning Gents I am expanding my sample library and just wondering if any of the heads got any recommendations of must have sample packs? Free sample packs or paid packs not too bothered just want to get some nice noises
  13. SoulprintDnB


    Hey dnbforum family! I teamed up with Blackley's CRE8#DNB brand to build a sample pack that covered a load of different flavours within DnB. Have a browse if you're interested, thanks in advance! :) Listen -…/cre8dnb-sps-volume-1-soulprint Buy -...
  14. Ghosthack

    79 Free Samples

    Hey everyone, I'm releasing some free sample packs from time to time since 2010, the one or the other may know them. So I released a fresh new dubstep package with 79 sounds, you find it here: Might be also useful for...
  15. Ghosthack

    Drum'n'Basics - Free DnB Sample Pack

    Hey, this is a promotional Drum and Bass sample pack for my latest ep on Sub:lvl Audio, it consists of 50 samples, mostly one-shot sounds as well as some drumloops. Hope you could use them (: URL: Cheers!
  16. PRTCL

    100 free atmospheric samples

    Ez people, I'm giving away 100 free atmospheric sounds on my soundcloud page to celebrate hitting my first 1000 followers on the page. I've also written a short guide on how I make some of the sounds which can be found on my site...
  17. Zippolisko

    Tekvision free samplepack [FREE DOWNLOAD]

    I made a new samplepack, and I want you guys to have it! Here's a preview: Download:[Free+DL].zip Check out my other 2 samplepacks (also free) samplepack 1 download...
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