1. manirios

    Essence Volume 2 - Free DNB samplepack now available

    Hi, Whilst isolating, and generally trying not to go mad, I've finished a bunch of samples that I thought I'd put out in this samplepack. Free download from here: Cheers, M
  2. M

    Free mini drum loops pack download

    Thought I'd give out some drum loops in this mini pack (from stuff I've done in the past and my own drum kits). Free to download. DRUM & BASS DRUM LOOPS MINI PACK (FREE) 15 drum loops, 24 bit WAV files.
  3. Zippolisko

    Tekvision free samplepack [FREE DOWNLOAD]

    I made a new samplepack, and I want you guys to have it! Here's a preview: Download:[Free+DL].zip Check out my other 2 samplepacks (also free) samplepack 1 download...
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