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    The FIRST DNB Subscription for XFER Serum! ***DNBFORUM DISCOUNT***

    Hi guys, We've just finished our first month in operation over at Preset Portal. We've had some unreal support and positive feedback from some big dons within the scene such as; Document One, SyRan, Black Barrel, Scepticz, Koherent and more! I've created a discount code for you guys in...
  2. bhksamples

    New BHK Samples Demo Packs!

    The demo packs of all wav libraries were exchanged, whoever is interested now gets to hear all samples of the WAV libraries with the new demo pack download. Registration is not necessary to download the demo packs! Have fun exploring over 13.000 samples.
  3. djbob

    DnB New samples for DnB music.

    Hi!I am DJ from Italy.I want to make a new music for my job.I need a new samples. I found some sites with samples : What do u think about these sites? Are prices not expensive?
  4. C

    looking for sample pack recommendations

    anyone know any good sample packs to buy or any jump up artists with any you can buy?
  5. bhksamples

    Save 50% on all BHK Samples libraries!

    We have a special deal for all heavyweight bassmusic producer! All our sample & synth packs are on sale until November 18th. Apply the coupon code "xtra5" in cart and save 50%!
  6. thebizzyb

    Bass New Bass Sample Pack ( Bass Boom Pack! )

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