1. xiris

    AIR Music's Hybrid 3 + all exp. for $9 -

    It looks like a pretty standard synth, 6 osc, LFOs, envelopes, everything programmable to 4 macro controls, etc etc [watch the demo video 3 if you want a quick walkthrough of what features are in there] What's really got my interest is that it comes with 1200 presets [before expansion packs]...
  2. PRTCL

    20 pack vinyl bundles - 2007 - 2009 - Jump Up & Neuro

    Alright guys, I'm having a clear out of my vinyl record stacks and I've put together 20 packs of old records that haven't been used for many years to make space for new ones. I have two packs, one of them is Ram Records, Sub Focus, Jump up/Liquid Jump up drum and bass style...
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