1. M

    new roller on free DL

  2. M

    Drum & Bass 2005/06(?) jazzy roller, please help ID!

    Track taken from the Funktion b2b Vendetta mix, got the CD sometime in 2005/2006 when I lived in Cambridge, UK. Wicked tune, but can't find it anywhere! Would really appreciate your help, thanks! Mitch Link to the MP3 file in better quality:
  3. Amusement Audio

    Drum & Bass Amusement Audio introduction - AMUSE003

    Evening guys, This is officially our first post on here! Amusement Audio was established November last year by DJ/producer Samy Nicks. Since the launch we have released two tracks so far and this post is to announce our third! Without further a do we'd like to present: AMUSE003 - Samy...
  4. Badscrape

    Big Sub synth ??

    hello, I am looking to make big sub bass , sound like Dj Version / Sativa Dub /T>I ... I work with Massive .. But I can not at desired result , If someone have a great technic hit me up :) Big up !!!!
  5. R

    Retone & Jorgensen - Want Me (Coming soon)

    I'm new to this forum and would like to present some of the work I do. This is a new DnB roller from me and a friend, and we will be releasing the full track soon. Enjoy and give some feedback. Safe!

    New Accelerated Culture EP Out Now

    Accelerated Culture Default Recordings Slang The Love Will Take Over OUT NOW!
  7. The Unknown Technique

    Untek - Fearless [Preview]

    Hi guy'z, i uploaded new track called Fearless. Basically it's Neuro/Roller, it's still in construction mode so it have some weirdness. I received some interesting feedback so i want to compare it with you guy'z from forum. Here is the track, leave a comment and share if you like !
  8. D

    Samy Nicks & Rekwest - The Regrettables // Pandemonium OUT TODAY!

    Samy Nicks & Rekwest - The Regrettables // Pandemonium Out now (02/11/15) in all good online music stores! You can purchase a copy for as little as £1.91 from Juno, see link below! Many thanks...
  9. The Unknown Technique

    Untek - Rapture

    After 3 months, i finally sat down and started working on new tune. Track is totally RAW ! Enjoy :)