1. Flux Betazerfall

    DnB Just want to share this . What do you think ?

    Hey. I finished my second attempt today and i would appreciate to hear some feedback . Maybe something you would drastically change or something about the sound etc. etc.. :teeth:
  2. Whompz


    Here's a new neurofunk freebie I put up the other day for me hitting 1,000 followers on soundcloud! Hope you all like it, feel free to leave any tunes you want listening to!
  3. Techbug

    What are your steps to resampling the bassline?

    Hey Guys, I was wondering what steps do you follow when you resampling a bassline? What synth What DAW What Plugins What LFO, OSC, SUB OSC, waveshape, filter. Maybe someone came across any good video that you could post the link I just find myself that I resample on my sampler, but its quite...
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