renegade hardware

  1. DeeGun

    Hardware Reunion

  2. Dr Woe

    DnB Dr Woe - Renegade Hardware Tribute Mix

    Dr Woe - Renegade Hardware Tribute Mix This is a tribute to Renegade Hardware. This label has maybe the biggest influence to me and my music. Sadly it closes its doors next year and so i decided to make a tribute set to bring together my all-time RH favorites and the best of today in one mix...
  3. igloo600

    Taken from Clayton Facebook acc WIN AN HOUR SET AT THE LAST RENEGADE HARDWARE NEXT FEB!!!!!!!

    This is once in a lifetime opportunity I dont know how to post up a screenshot as thats what i did, but i cant work out how to upload a pic to a post. Just check Renegade Hardware Facebook group and you'll see all the details. Just thought id let u lot know.
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