1. PRTCL

    Cyborgs EP [Humanoid] w/ Raiden, Trace, PRTCL, Xenon and SpecOne

    Hi all, today sees the relase of the Cyborgs EP on Humanoid. Find the tracks below and grab a copy from today. Grab a copy from: Enjoy! Joe
  2. Future Science DnB

    DnB Future Science DnB Releases - Forthcoming

    Yes people! Check out all the Future Science DnB releases - Forthcoming news updates here as well! CLICK TO CHOOSE YOUR PLAYER
  3. SY:RAX

    Label TBR Ukraine | Record Label | Music Store

    TBR Ukraine, LLC (Turn the Bass Records) The record company, to which the same applies digital-label "Bass Station Digital" TBR - one of the few Ukrainian labels, which will be selling releases, not only in the digital-format, but also on physical media, such as vinyl. The main objective of the...
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