1. Different Drumz

    DnB *OUT NOW* Mr Nitro & Highpass - Voyager EP | DDR011

    Mr Nitro returns to the DDR imprint in collaboration with Welsh producer Highpass with a beautiful 3 track EP featuring three liquid drum and bass tracks set to take you away, this is the ‘Voyager EP‘. We start the journey with the title track ‘Voyager‘ and as the track title would suggest this...
  2. Different Drumz

    DnB [New Release] United Souls - International Style | DDR010

    United Souls - International Style | DDR010 Different Drumz Recordings are very proud to introduce a fresh new name to the D&B scene, UK-based drum and bass collective ‘United Souls‘ and their debut release ‘International Style‘. International Style is a jazzy little drum and bass roller that...
  3. Different Drumz

    DDR009 | Induktiv - Overthinking EP * OUT NOW *

    Induktiv – Overthinking EP | DDR009 *OUT NOW IN ALL MAJOR STORES* Different Drumz Recordings return with a beautifully crafted 4 track liquid drum and bass EP from another new artist to the label and rising star in the scene ‘Induktiv’. Featuring four thought provoking, deep and rolling...
  4. Jonas Xenon

    Xenon - Hypothermia EP DSCI4032

    Ahead of the general release of my "Hypothermia EP" on the 11th May, the EP is available exclusively on Beatport for two weeks. The EP has also been chosen by Beatport as a featured release for this week! I’m super stoked that it's been chosen by them and couldn’t wish for a better label to...
  5. PRTCL

    PRTCL - Terminal EP - OUT NOW on DSCI4

    Hi all, I wanted to share the full clips for my release entitled 'Terminal', out now on DSCI4. The release is running as a Beatport exclusive for two weeks and it'll be on all other platforms, including Spotify, in two weeks. The link to Beatport is here as well...
  6. Different Drumz

    Mr Nitro & K Rezz – Close Your Eyes EP | DDR008 *COMING SOON!*

    Mr Nitro & K Rezz – Close Your Eyes EP | DDR008 *COMING SOON!* It’s been well overdue but Different Drumz front man ‘Mr Nitro’ drops his debut release on the mighty Different Drumz Recordings in collaboration with a new artist to the label based in Seville, Spain ‘K Rezz’. This quality 4 track...
  7. Different Drumz

    DnB Imprint - Schmooze EP | DDR007 (Out Now)

    The next injection of audio delights from Different Drumz Recordings sees the introduction of yet another talented artist to the family in the form of ‘Imprint‘ with a solid 4 track EP that is sure to grab the attention of any fan of deep and charactered dnb. Known for his previous releases on...
  8. PRTCL

    I have some new music out...check it out, maybe it's to your taste.

    Hi DNB forum crew. As of Friday, I released two tunes on my label imprint, one solo production and one with the mighty Survey. Those tunes are out now across all digital outlets, and I've added Soundcloud clips to preview the them: Bandcamp: Beatport...
  9. M

    New single out on Schedule One Recordings Some vibes for you before the end of 2016
  10. Morah

    DnB NEW Such Music Release from 4EVEREST!

    Preview's are up for the new release from 4EVEREST due early January Check them out! Ben
  11. Dbrief

    Dbrief - Rhythms and Grooves EP (Feedback Welcomed)

    Wasssupppppp guys, So today having just got back from a reggae dnb fezzie decided to release a few of the tracks I had no idea what to do with as a free download EP.. feedback is welcomed! Bless up my party people! :rasta::rasta:
  12. PRTCL

    Recall EP - Forthcoming Flexout Audio

    Ez forum Crew, My latest release is an EP forthcoming on Flexout Audio on the 6th of May. If you're a Bandcamp user you can buy the release now, just click on the 'BUY ME' option on Soundcloud, or click on the shopping cart icon in the top right hand corner of the Soundcloud clips...
  13. B


    HI I just finished my third remix from London Electricity’s most currant release “Are we there yet” The only stem I used was the vocal stem for each remix. Also the timing was not even close so I had to put many hours into flexing and strecthing the vocals to work in my new effort. Also I’m...
  14. M

    DnB Midnight Sun Recordings Presents : Yed Prior - Ellie / Viber - MSRNU001

    BUY ON DIGITAL TUNES : ARTIST : Yed Prior LABEL : Midnight Sun Recordings RELEASE DATE : 29.2.2016 (Exclusive to 22.2, other shops 29.2.) Writing, production : Janis Hållman Distributed worldwide by : Triple Vision Music...
  15. PRTCL

    Survey - Plastic Velvet EP (forthcoming)

    Up next one Flexout Audio we have the Berlin production powerhouse, Survey. These guys have been banging out releases on some great labels out there including DSC14 and Invisible: You can preview the release on the Flexout Audio soundcloud: You can also pre-order the release from our...
  16. Citate Forms

    DnB Forthcoming Citate Forms

    Hello! In this topic, the label will be divided into new releases, podcasts and news. Citate Forms is an independent drum & bass label established in 2015. We are open for propagation of music all over the world. Our releases are available on: beatport, juno,, itunes, google play...
  17. E-Sassin

    DnB NEW RELEASE - Sound Sphere Recordings (E-Sassin)

    A brand new, smashing 3 track EP from E-Sassin on Sound Sphere Recordings. "GHOSTS IN THE MACHINE" Release Date: January 25, 2016 Check out more clips HERE If you purchase directly through Sound Sphere Music, you get a FREE bonus track from E-Sassin, "Faith". Check out Sound Sphere Music...
  18. A

    DnB Professional pre-listeners – a techno dnb release

    Hello, I prepare an album for hard dnb label Hidden Company recordings and I'm looking for pre-listeners with professional sound system to tell me if the track.wav is impressive enough on their studio monitors. Answers: yes, no or no comment. Track 1 Download
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