1. Third Focus

    Third Focus - Emotionless (Forthcoming E.P)

    Hi DnbForum! Heres a new song i've been working my ass off lately = Adding a whole new drums different from the intro, i have Stopped being lazy and instead just using normal sidechain i've used multiband compression Sidechain and it has worked made the synths sound full (Not much volume lost...
  2. daveyberkowitz

    Vocal dnb remix

    Felt like doing something that had some vocals last weekend so i let the cheesiness flow through me and slapped this one together :razz: for the sing along crew ! :p
  3. skepsisdnb

    DnB Corroded Memory (Original Mix)

    I've started uploading my music onto youtube :D Comments and stuff are always appreciated all the sounds are mostly shaped in fm8 before editing. lol edited due to the wrong link.
  4. Techbug

    What are your steps to resampling the bassline?

    Hey Guys, I was wondering what steps do you follow when you resampling a bassline? What synth What DAW What Plugins What LFO, OSC, SUB OSC, waveshape, filter. Maybe someone came across any good video that you could post the link I just find myself that I resample on my sampler, but its quite...
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