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  1. Redalfa


    We all struggle for follows plays and likes, so lets work together and build a community, add your best track on soundcloud (one track only Dnb/Jungle/Breaks ) everyone follows that artist and like their track and vice versa.. Only add a track if you intend to like and follow everyone on the...
  2. BFFL

    Bass Looking for a Promotion

    Hey there, My name is Jacob Coulter and I go by the name of BFFL, I am 17 years of age and feel like I need to start putting myself out there and releasing my music. I made this track because I wanted to combine a few of my favourite genres together and I'm extremely happy with the results as...
  3. Redalfa

    DnB Red Alfa Records

    Have you Visited, Listen to or ever heard of the underground Drum & Bass Record Label Red Alfa Records? They have been around for a few years now..
  4. B

    Label New Label Specialising In Breakcore, Hardcore And Speedcore

    Hi all I am setting up a record label to release Breakcore, Hardcore and Speedcore from artist's from all over the world. Its Called "Broken To The Core Records" I will be launching the Label mid September and would like to have as many releases from as many artists as possible, with a good...
  5. Amusement Audio


    Artist: Too Greezey Track titles: Side Splitter / Now What? Release date: 18th July 2016 Catalogue number: AMUSE004 Amusement Audio is back for its fourth instalment. This time we are introducing our first release from another artist and it be none other than Too Greezey. We are proud to...
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