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  1. Charlie Bravo

    DnB New member DNB mix!

    Am new to this forum and have listened to quite a few mixes from other members and thought I should post one of my own even though its from quite a while back. Mixed on 4 decks, I guess genre wise it's like big room DNB. Andy C has definitely been quite a big influence. Artists include S.P.Y. ...
  2. B

    DnB Andy C 25 Years of RAM Records - IDs Please!

    @ 0:00 the very first tune, and @ 10:45, desperately need that tune, the one with the girl singing in the background! Also, any other IDs to fill out please let me know, very much appreciated guys thanks! 1. 0:00 Andy C - ID? >> 0:50 Chase & Status ft. Seinabo Sey - Know Your Name 2. 1:54...
  3. G

    Ram Records NYE 2016

    Ram Records NYE 2016, any thoughts?
  4. Clod.com

    New Klute Lp forthcoming on RAM!!!!!

    Did not see this coming! https://m.facebook.com/kluteofficial/ https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1117056135037200&id=113526468723510
  5. Vircz

    DnB VirCZ 30in30

    MIX: http://mp3.sety.cz/vircz-2016-mix-30in30-mp3.html Tracklist: Noisia - Dead Limit -> Audio - Now The Future Mefjus - Blitz -> Calyx & Teebee - Cloud 9 Mind Vortex - Future Fold L33 - Manipulate -> Drumsound & Bassline Smith - The Truth Valentino Khan - Deep Down Low (Delta Heavy Remix)...

    DJ Nuera - RAM 200 Mix

    Hai forum heads, To celebrate the release of RAM 200 I've put together a mix of 200 RAM tunes ranging from 1996 - 2016. I wanted to do the mix as the RAM 100 milestone was so important to me. Coming runner up in the mix comp really gave me a platform to step up my dj'ing. RAM has always...
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