1. fresh plates

    DnB 3DB Podcast 25 - radB (aka Fresh Plates)

    Recorded this short 42 min mix for Third Degree Bass and thought I'd share it with ya'll. Direct download Tracklist: Time Will Tell Ft Structured & Amanda Seal - DBR UK Ghetto Chemistry Ft Lystone - Adred Devourer of World - The Untouchables Sinjek - Fre4knc Rubicon - Homemade Weapons Dub King...
  2. fresh plates

    radB aka Fresh Plates - Rotation KC Podcast

    New mix from myself up on the Rotation KC soundcloud. soundcloud link: direct download link: www.dropbox.com/s/fuwfaf6oorcqv7p…ASTER%29.wav?dl=1 tracklist: Receptor & Engage - Bio [Black Seeds Recordings] Rregula - Gelatinous Mass [Mindtech Recordings] Place 2B & Paimon - The Perfect Host...
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