1. djbob

    DnB New samples for DnB music.

    Hi!I am DJ from Italy.I want to make a new music for my job.I need a new samples. I found some sites with samples : What do u think about these sites? Are prices not expensive?
  2. H

    Making a drum beat in Reaper 5?

    Hey guys, I've installed Reaper and I am barely familiar with it. I know how to equip my MIDI keyboard, pull up VSTs and some other basic stuff, but have tried all day to use a beat sequencer. I found one called Megababy which is already included in Reaper, but I can't load any samples into it...
  3. H

    DnB Tempo of DnB/Jungle?

    Want to try making some drum n bass, but not quite sure what tempo it's at. Some people have said its >175 bpm, but Landspeeder is 87 bpm. Is DnB half time like dubstep? I know the differences between dubstep and dnb, or does it not matter as long as the two step rhythm and UK/jamaican...
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