1. PRTCL

    PRTCL - Terminal EP - OUT NOW on DSCI4

    Hi all, I wanted to share the full clips for my release entitled 'Terminal', out now on DSCI4. The release is running as a Beatport exclusive for two weeks and it'll be on all other platforms, including Spotify, in two weeks. The link to Beatport is here as well...
  2. PRTCL

    Plug-in recommendation - The Denise Saturator

    Hi DNB forum, I'm currently working for a plug-in developer in Berlin called 'Denise', the company are building a range of heavy sounding but quick-to-use plugins. The first one they've released is a Saturator which sounds heavy as an additional punch to a bass bus, or even as an additional bit...
  3. InReach

    PRTCL - In-Reach Records - Label Launch Party Promo Mix

    The In-Reach Records official launch party is down at The Nest in just under one month! Joe 'PRTCL' has kindly put together this promo mix ahead of the night for a small teaser of the flavours to come. Check out full details of the event here: Tickets here: We...
  4. InReach

    PRTCL - Interview (In-Reach Mag)

    Article As we start rolling through 2018, already we are being flooded with fresh music from across the genre. One particular EP that has stood out from the rest is the latest from DJ Trace’s DSCI4 imprint – PRTCL’s ‘Your City’ EP. The 6 track release takes us on a journey through the deeper...
  5. PRTCL

    A few cuts from my forthcoming DSCI4 EP

    Hi Forum crew, Here are a few cut coming on my forthcoming DSCI4 EP, I hope you enjoy: Nice one, Joe
  6. PRTCL

    DnB Standard Protocol Mix no. 10

    Hey all, Here is the 10th installment of my regular mix series...There is some very good drum and bass around at the moment, I'm really happy with the state of things at the moment so I had a lot of fun putting the track list together for this and recording it. Nice one Joe
  7. PRTCL

    I have some new music out...check it out, maybe it's to your taste.

    Hi DNB forum crew. As of Friday, I released two tunes on my label imprint, one solo production and one with the mighty Survey. Those tunes are out now across all digital outlets, and I've added Soundcloud clips to preview the them: Bandcamp: Beatport...
  8. PRTCL

    Standard Protocol mix no. 9

    Ez all, I have another 30 minutes of rolling drum and bass, up for streaming and download on my Soundcloud: I hope you enjoy: Joe
  9. PRTCL

    Standard Protocol Mix no. 8

    Ez forum crew, You can now stream mix no. 8 of my standard Protocol mix series: Big up! Joe
  10. PRTCL

    Out Now - PRTCL 'Breakout'

    Ez all, my solo single entitled 'Breakout' is out now in all good download stores. Check the Soundcloud preview and you can download from one of the outlets below. Bandcamp: Beatport: Juno: Spotify:
  11. PRTCL

    PRTCL - Breakout (New one from myself)

    Hi All, I have a new track which is out next week, but a full length version of the track has gone live on the Mor Dnb YouTube Channel: You can also buy the mp3 ahead of the general release from my Bandcamp: I hope you enjoy the tune, try listening to it on a...
  12. PRTCL

    A short note on interpreting online tutorials

    Hi forum guys, I have written a short note on how to interpret online tutorials when you are using them and trying to make use of what you have been taught. As useful as online tutorials are, I think the medium is a bit flawed...
  13. PRTCL

    Standard Protocol Mix no 7 (Boomtown warm-up mix)

    HI Foum Crew, I'm back with mix number 7 in my regular mix series, this one is a Boomtown special! I used this mix as an opportunity to warm-up for my set at Boomtown this year. If you're at the festival, make sure you head down to Dissocia in Chinatown on Friday night. Follow me online too...
  14. PRTCL

    The plug ins to use to get your drum bus sounding tight

    Ez froum crew, I have a blog where I post some of my most commonly used production tips and I have just posted another tip, this one walks you through the plug ins you can use to get a tight sounding drum track...
  15. PRTCL

    Standard Protocol Mix no. 6

    Ez forum people, My next regular 30 minute mix is now up on my Soundcloud page: Nice one Joe.
  16. PRTCL

    Some 1/2 Price riddims!

    Ez forum crew, I'm running a flash sales of my self release from last year, Chasing Shadows/Dub Thing. You can grab the offer exclusively from my Bandcamp page, the offer is running until this Saturday 30th of April and applies to both vinyl and digital releases...
  17. PRTCL

    Recall EP - Forthcoming Flexout Audio

    Ez forum Crew, My latest release is an EP forthcoming on Flexout Audio on the 6th of May. If you're a Bandcamp user you can buy the release now, just click on the 'BUY ME' option on Soundcloud, or click on the shopping cart icon in the top right hand corner of the Soundcloud clips...
  18. PRTCL

    400 ft./Afterthought [Forthcoming Terabyte]

    Ez forum crew, The audio clips for me latest release are now up on Soundcloud, these tunes are collaborations with the artists Sweetpea: Joe
  19. PRTCL

    New Riddim - 400 ft. (w/ Sweetpea)

    Ez crew, Got a new riddim that's gone up on the YouTube page acidnbass: This one is coming out on Terabyte on the 1st of April...This Friday. Nice one, Joe PRTCL
  20. PRTCL

    Standard Protocol mix no. 5

    Ez Guys, the next mix of my regular mix series is up now on Soundcloud: Download link available too. Safe! Joe
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