1. DeeGun

    Eye D. & Counterstrike @ PRSPCT VS. NO MERCY, 22.12.2017, Cross Club Prague
  2. Hultaj

    VOODOOM - Tribesmen EP (PRSPCT RVLT 016)

    VOODOOM - Tribesmen EP (PRSPCT RVLT 016) Another awesome EP on PRSPCT. If you're into stuff like Dylan's Virus or Tech Itch's Rukkus you'll be satisfied :) All of the jungle/amen/breakcore heads should be happy with this one as well.
  3. Hultaj

    Multi Genre Ruby My Dear - Strangers In Paradise EP (PRSPCT)

    Ruby My Dear - Strangers In Paradise EP (PRSPCT RVLT) This one is a month old, but I came a cross on it right now while checking what's new on PRSPCT. I have never heard of this guy before, but for sure I'll...
  4. Hultaj

    DnB Limewax - New album (PRSPCT LP 007), March 2016!

    Limewax - album teaser "The undisputed king of skullstep hitting it hard with a brand new full length album on PRSPCT! Here is a little teaser to give you boys & girls an idea of what to expect when it hits the streets end March 2016 on double vinyl! Album Tracklist: 01. No Hope (For The...
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