1. L

    DnB Producing Jump Up DnB

    Hello, Is anyone here familiar with creating Jump Up dnb like Tsuki, DJ Guv, Mavu, Efa, Headache, Banzai, Netrek, Simskai,... I'm really struggling to create sounds simular to theirs and use them in FL Studio. Thanks for your help Best regards
  2. Borzion

    Struggling first time producer

    I've very recently got into producing dnb, and by that I mean I've watched a few YouTube tutorials. I've been DJing for over a year so I'm familiar with the structure and basics of drum and bass but other than that I haven't had any experience in making music before. So I'm just wondering what...
  3. P

    EDM Production Discord Looking For More Producers

    I am currently apart of a small 25+ member EDM Production community, we are looking to recruit more producers who wish to improve their production skills in an intermediate production environment. We are looking for producers who are active and want to contribute to the group. Whether that be...
  4. OaT

    Multi Genre First steps - A Home-Producers Compendium for making electronic Music

    Sup folks, Literally joined this community some hours ago. Already found some useful tips for creating Music on your computers and developed the urge to throw in what i use on a daily basis. Contents: 1. What is in your head? 2. How do you get it out of your head? 3. What are great tools for...
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