1. J

    looking for a partner in crime

    Hello producers im looking for someone who loves drum and bass to help finish my tracks , I use flstudio 12 im looking for a ragga loving sub bass ba dass to link up and get involve with my tracks!! im not the best take a listen and let me know if your in the same boat as me
  2. J-Damm

    Charity Drum and Bass Album For The Victims of the Grenfel Tower Block Fire

    The Love You Forever Project Raising money for the victims of the London Tower Block Fire so far we have on board: Ram Records, Metalheadz, Hospital Records, Viper Recordings, Dread Records,Sliced Note Recordings, Close to Death, Westworld Recordings, Alive Music, Diamond Dubs, Seizure, Ray...
  3. E

    Any Producers in Devon/Exeter?

    Helllo, I'm looking for people into some half decent music down this way, I'm struggling at the moment to find someone I'm on a level with music wise! My soundcloud is If you live nearby and fancy a session a week or so making some music then please...
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