1. xiris

    Incorporating External Processing Hardware into your Production Setup

    I'm looking for advice on what I/O box to purchase, what you guys use, or any tips people who've already got a setup like this going for themselves could offer, and if my understanding of how this is all supposed to work even makes sense in the first place. I've recently come across some old...
  2. YugenDnB

    How to dnb drums?

    Hi, I've been producing a while now (started December 2016) and I'm really trying to up my game where I lack the most skill is drums, they always come out boring, repetitive and lack punch. what did you guys do to practice making complex drums patterns and how to process them? Any tutorials or...
  3. K

    Cleaning up Amen breaks

    Yo, can anyone give tips on how to create clean sounding Amen breaks like can be heard in this: Cheers!
  4. Derelicts Of Tomorrow

    DnB Drums...

    If you're having trouble with your drums, I promise this simple technique will help send you in the right direction There is more than one way to skin a cat, well umm, process drums rather... but this approach will quickly give you a great starting point... Bless, one love
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