1. acidnbass

    acidity 020: Precision

  2. PrecisionUK

    Multi Genre Skream - Midnight Request Line (170 Flip) [Free Download]

    Ello Chaps, I've done a bootleg of Skreams classic "Midnight Request Line". Keen to see what you guys think! Free download enabled.
  3. PrecisionUK

    DnB Precision - Heart & Soul EP (Syndrome Audio)

    Hi guys, My debut EP is out on Syndrome Audio. Would love to know what you guys all think! Cheers, Luke (Precision)
  4. PrecisionUK

    DnB A mix covering a wide range of Drum & Bass, including my productions.

    Hi chaps, Just thought I'd post my mix onto dnb forum for a little extra exposure. Let me know what you think! Cheers Luke (Precision)
  5. PrecisionUK

    DnB Which labels shall I try sending these tracks to?[UPDATE]

    Hello chaps, I've got these two tunes that I'm looking to sign, I've signed a few other bits elsewhere no problem but I'm having trouble finding a home for these two, which label do you think fits the sound of these? Cheers for the help!
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