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  1. metafiziq

    Exclusively! Two Extremely Powerful Crossbreed DNB Tracks Are Out Today!

    You might wonder why there are no audio previews of our forthcoming releases at our official page? The answer is simple - we want to keep the surprise and be exclusive for you guys, that's the metaphysical way. Today we present to you our new Metafiziq Recordings release with Petram called "My...
  2. Tundra


    @Moskit @Dark Lizardro @jmzmaloney WE NEED THE TITANS BACK!!!! @dnbforum give the mods their powers back, they have all promised to right wrong-doers, slay nay-sayers and generally tidy the fuck out of this ship! (plus mosk said he would make advertisement great again, not sure how but, worth...
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