1. PRTCL

    Plug-in recommendation - The Denise Saturator

    Hi DNB forum, I'm currently working for a plug-in developer in Berlin called 'Denise', the company are building a range of heavy sounding but quick-to-use plugins. The first one they've released is a Saturator which sounds heavy as an additional punch to a bass bus, or even as an additional bit...
  2. A

    Essential plugins to have

    hey so I was just wondering what plugins do you think are essential for dnb production. I have all the fabfilters but that is about it. I dont care how much they are just tell me what they are and what they do :) cheers in advance
  3. 2

    Nice and free way of organizing AU plugins in Ableton

    I guess most of you know about the option to save AU plugin presets in LIve , but recently I found that this is the best way to organize your AU units. Before that I used Auganizer , but I think the limitations are more then benefits of this program + copies all files in System Plugins folder...