1. G

    DJ set using 2 x akai mpd, 2 x laptops, 1 mixer

    So I saw these 2 dudes DJig b2b Each one had their own akai mpd226//they're own laptops// and shared one djm mixer How exactly does this kind of DJing work? What's the djm mixer for If they're using Ableton and a launch pad? I've just used decks Sorry for the novice question, thank you...
  2. T

    Pioneer PLX - 500 Turntable So pioneer are releasing a turntable that has a USB output & is only 300 squids... Is this a game changer? I'm tempted to buy one tbh if they're all thats cracked up to be, and tbh it is pioneer..
  3. Samlovell

    DJM 900 nexus issue

    Just got one of these, seems like a wicked bit of kit. due to my current living arrangement, I've been mixing with no output/speakers on my numark mixer, so basically just music playing through the headphone, using channel faders and what not. I hope I'm being stupid and there is still a way...
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