liquid track free download/ feedback

    Liquid D&B - piano, massive, beats and vocal. Had to stop playing with it, I was making it worse! Free download. Honest thoughts and opinions:)
  2. Leniz

    DnB Dreams Galore (WIP)

    https://clyp.it/nae5fz3z (NEWEST VERSION) Hey how you all doing. Was on holiday in England for a week. I freshed up my mind a bit. This is my first tune since I came back. Its a Piano Roller. What do you think of it? :)
  3. Kuba Bachaschod

    DnB Drum and Bass, inspirated by Netsky and Pendulum

    Hey guys, I am a dnb producer. I´ve been using FL for over 5 years and I decided to let the world know about my creation. I want to share my wrok with you and ask you for some feedback. Leave me some comment and evaluation. Thank you. Enjoy!
  4. Monogone

    DnB Monogone - Don't let me go (feat. MHYST)

    Hi! Here is my latest production. Liquid vibes from Poland, with MHYST's lyrics from looperman.com I'm fresh dnb producer. If you enjoy my new song, please subscribe my YouTube channel ;) Now I'm working with Sony Music Studio 10, but I will try to do something in Ableton soon. Tell me what...
  5. elliottlawa

    DnB Songs like Mistabishi - No Matter What

    Does anyone know any songs similar to Mistabishi - No Matter What? More so looking for things with a similar euphoric piano part, like the old skool hardcore piano vibes mixed with dnb :)
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