1. DeeGun

    Thumpa @ Fuse Festival 09.07.16 (1991 - 1992 Old Skool Rave Anthems)

    Congress - 40 Miles Hyper Go Go - High Rhythm Quest - Closer to all your Dreams M & M ft. Rachel Wallace - I feel this way Terrorize - Just a feeling SL2 - DJs take control 2 Bad Mice - Hold it down Liquid - Sweet Harmony Awesome 3 - Don´t go Sonz of a Loop da Loop Era - Far out DJ Seduction -...
  2. djfattrip

    DnB Ola! Peeps! Some Oldskool classic Jungle & DnB in here!

    Hello people! Ive been a long time lurker on this site and have never contributed but that is about to change. So here is my latest mix with some oldskool badness, enjoy!
  3. problemchild

    DJ Problem Child - Guest Mix On Music Galaxy Radio 5.11.2016 (94 Selection)

    DJ Problem Child - Guest Mix On Music Galaxy Radio 5.11.2016 (94 Selection) Tracklist A-Sides - Murder (Mello Uncle 22 Remix) [Strictly Underground] Ninj - Flying Fuck [Sub Assertive Sounds] Tango & Fallout - Violator Vol 1 (B Side) [Not On Label] Liftin' Spirits - Giggle N Rush [Liftin'...
  4. D

    Tune ID c.1994 - "Ooh laa ...o.. o.. ahh" vocals

    Hi, I got this tune from a radio tape back in summer of '94. Proper mellow tune. Only has the "ooh la o o ahh" bit for vocals so has been hard to identify. Anyone know what this one is please? Cheers :-)
  5. r1k1n

    Jungle Tune that opens with Samuel L Jackson Monologue of Ezekiel 25:17

    Hello there! I wanted some help on IDing a jungle tune that I heard on a radio station a week or so back. The tune seemed like it as from 94-95 and opened up with Samuel L Jackson's monologue, Ezekiel 25:17 from Pull Fiction then went on with some mad amen breaks and bass lines! Any help...
  6. D

    Tune ID c.1994 - "Do things just for you" vocals

    Hi, I found this on a FlexFM mixtape of mellow d&b and jungle, summer 1994. It has the lyrics "is the mind(?)" , "do the things we do" , "do things just for you" in the sound clip. The rest of the tune had a male voice saying "Bum..ba..claart" and something "...(cook?) on duplate". Could...
  7. DeeGun

    Foul Play @ Stepback Sessions Brixton 1.8.2014

  8. Box Fulla

    DnB Box Fulla Records - New Jungle DnB label - launch event!

    Box Fulla Records label launch party! A night of reggae and soundsystem culture, old and new jungle, futuristic drum & bass. POWERED BY COUNTRYMAN SOUNDSYSTEM ARIES DUBHEART (LIVE) DADDY-U JAH MARCUS DUBSHOT RAS BASHY TENJA BREAKNECK D-TOX TOKOLOSH BIG NANG RJD DUBZ LADY G...
  9. DeeGun

    Paul Kalkbrenner - Back to the Future Mix Series

    Vol.1 Tracklist 01. The Source Experience – The Source Experience 02. 280 West – Scattered Dreams 03. Quadrophonia – Warp Factor One 04. Nelson FFWD Cruz – My House 05. Frequency – Hey, Hey, Hey 06. DHS – House Of God 07. Acid Jesus – Fairchild 08. Master Techno – Red Religion 09. AUX 88 –...
  10. DeeGun

    Stamina MC´s rave tape archive

    http://www.electronicbeats.net/feed/download-hundreds-of-90s-rave-jungle-cassettes/ or directly to the tapes http://artmeetsscience.co.uk/tapes/
  11. paranoid

    90s Classics OLDSKOOL Rave Era all Vinyl 2 Hrs

    Mixed on Technics 1210s & Rane TTM 56 mixer,Original Vinyls used, 320Kbps Mp3. featuring Mega Rare original tunez from back in the day. Please show you're support by leaving some feedback and hitting the like button.
  12. A

    DnB "Roots and Future": Podcast on History of UK Jungle and Dance

    I wanted to share a podcast that I think might be of interest to the DnB forum. Called "Roots and Future," it's a 59 minute history of black British dance music, tracing the evolution of a sound and a scene from jungle and drum and bass to garage, grime, and dubstep. Exploring the community...
  13. DeeGun

    Altern 8 (Mark Archer) Boiler Room Nottingham DJ Set

    Tracklist and Download - https://boilerroom.tv/recording/altern-8-mark-archer/#/video
  14. M

    Hardcore/Old Skool Jungle Vinyl Sale

    Just liquidating the last of my vinyl collection. Below is what I have left for sale. Reply here or message me with what you may be interested in and i'll hit you back with a price. Lots welcome. Priced to move, fully negotiable and no discogs inflation. Lots of these are Mint/unplayed and there...
  15. H

    Youtube channel for classic drum n bass?

    After being on channels for classic dubstep like TheWhilomBass, DubstepClassicsHD(who's renamed himself 'I am growing stronger') and Deep Medi, I wanted to know if similar channels for drum n bass exist? If you have any to recommend, I'd like to hear em! Channels that have older tunes alongside...
  16. problemchild

    DJ Problem Child - Rupture Promo Mix

    DJ Problem Child - Rupture Promo Mix... Tracklist Ninj - Screwface Is Dead [Sub Assertive Sounds] Evil D - Life Force [Pirate] Brain Killers - Screwface [3rd Party/Kemet] Point Blank & DJ Sweetness - Drummers From Hell [Scientific Wax] DJ Panik - Daybreak [Hardline] Rolling Thunder -...
  17. Madlife

    Bassface Sascha - HR XXL (1998-2003) Help needed !

    I really would like to know the ID of the first track :) the magic of it just got me and the ID of 58:10, it starts there slowly. Info: HR XXL is an old radio station (1998-2003) from Hessen. If anyone know from which year this mix is, it would be great to hear. Feel free to tell me other track...
  18. N

    HNY - 2016!!

  19. KDJBfr

    DnB KDJB - OOBEEDOO (Jungle Set)

    Hey guys, here is my latest set I recorded a few days ago for my birthday party. A lot of Jungle Oldskool in there but also Jungletek, Raggajungle, Jump Up and even some classic Drum&Bass tunes. Let me know what you think. Enjoy, hit like and share buttons. Thanks, jungle is massive ! :D
  20. Derelicts Of Tomorrow

    DnB Data Drop feat. Starry Nite - Dirty Minds (Derelicts Of Tomorrow Remix) - Faction Digital *OUT NOW*

    My jungle remix of Data Drop's tune "Dirty Minds" OUT NOW on Faction Digital Recordings!!!!!! Pick up your copy of this summer's jungle anthem @ Amazon, DjTunes, Digital-Tunes, Juno and many other online stores!!! :teeth:
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