1. Madlife

    Andy C 2012 - Global Energy Weekender

    Good evening folks, I just cant remember the name....hope someone could help. so it sounds old and it starts at 7:31~ not even sure if its one track when it drops haha. Thanks
  2. Djinn

    Formless // July 20th: J MAJIK. TOTAL SCIENCE (Alliance 93-94 set). DEAD MANS CHEST. RESPONSE + (MCR)

    With his amazing recent return to form, we're extremely hyped to have original Metalheadz heavyweight J MAJIK representing 20th July . . . In one of their earliest aliases, working alongside Gwange & producing as ALLIANCE on seminal labels Moving Shadow, Reinforced, Legend Records & Sublogic ...
  3. K

    Purgatory - Karma/6 Under (Insane Ambition Recordings)

    IA are pleased to announce the debut release from our newest family member Purgatory! We are taking it back to the oldskool with this one........ "karma" and "6 under" both take us on a trip to "back in the day" with some proper face melting hands in the air business!! Expect to see some crazy...
  4. W

    I need help please!

    I posted this track awhile ago but it needed a lot of work. I think it's coming along now. But any feedback on where it should go (if it at all) would be most helpful! Thanks a lot people.
  5. DeeGun

    Thumpa @ Fuse Festival 09.07.16 (1991 - 1992 Old Skool Rave Anthems)

    Congress - 40 Miles Hyper Go Go - High Rhythm Quest - Closer to all your Dreams M & M ft. Rachel Wallace - I feel this way Terrorize - Just a feeling SL2 - DJs take control 2 Bad Mice - Hold it down Liquid - Sweet Harmony Awesome 3 - Don´t go Sonz of a Loop da Loop Era - Far out DJ Seduction -...
  6. R

    Oldschool dnb track ID

    Hiya, need some oldschool dnb head to help me with this track's ID: https://clyp.it/2fxb5z0n# Much appreciated.
  7. DeeGun

    Blueprint w/Ray Keith @ Radar Radio - Guest: DJ Kane

    Download - http://www.radarradio.com/podcasts/blueprint-w-ray-keith-dj-kane-6th-jan
  8. DeeGun

    Ray Keith - Blueprint Radio Show on Radar (1993 Special)

  9. paranoid

    90s Classics OLDSKOOL Rave Era all Vinyl 2 Hrs

    Mixed on Technics 1210s & Rane TTM 56 mixer,Original Vinyls used, 320Kbps Mp3. featuring Mega Rare original tunez from back in the day. Please show you're support by leaving some feedback and hitting the like button.
  10. paranoid

    Golden Era Liquid gold dnb

    (( Please Note )) all my mixes are 100% free i do not make any money from any of them,and never have !! i do this for the love of the scene, If anybnody has got any copyright issues regarding any Track's used ive Played in any of my mixes please contact me. Back in time for this mix,mixed on...
  11. DeeGun

    Altern 8 (Mark Archer) Boiler Room Nottingham DJ Set

    Tracklist and Download - https://boilerroom.tv/recording/altern-8-mark-archer/#/video
  12. Ma J-Le

    New artist Ma J-Le bringing the first track - "J"

    Hello guys! We are a new electronic music duo from Tallinn, Estonia. And we are bringing you our first track released "J". Trying to mix all the good oldschool vibes to the music of Today! hope you like: Soundcloud (free mp3 download): https://soundcloud.com/majleunderground/jmaster Cheers...
  13. H

    Youtube channel for classic drum n bass?

    After being on channels for classic dubstep like TheWhilomBass, DubstepClassicsHD(who's renamed himself 'I am growing stronger') and Deep Medi, I wanted to know if similar channels for drum n bass exist? If you have any to recommend, I'd like to hear em! Channels that have older tunes alongside...
  14. Charlie Foster


    The tune plays from roughly 9 minutes 20, I know the vocals is from Fallen Angel by Yum Yum. The bass line sound like its from Sean Paul's - Infiltrate. Probaably a one off dub Mickey had pressed but worth a go !!!
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