1. H

    Old school jungle track?

    Need help identifying this beauty, any help appreciate.
  2. Madlife

    Bassface Sascha - HR XXL (1998-2003) Help needed !

    I really would like to know the ID of the first track :) the magic of it just got me and the ID of 58:10, it starts there slowly. Info: HR XXL is an old radio station (1998-2003) from Hessen. If anyone know from which year this mix is, it would be great to hear. Feel free to tell me other track...
  3. D

    old and new tunes

    yo guys just jumped onto the drum and bass scene into proper jump up e.g sub zero, majistrate, jayline etc need would like to know some of the "classics" old and new sick jump up tunes for my next mix which im gonna upload any tunes will help :) thanks for anyone who replies much appreciated!
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