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    Hardcore Pearsall’s Berlin Underground Bass Alliance Promo Mix [Old Skool Hardcore Special]

    I'm playing at Berlin Underground Bass Alliance - Subland x Parallax x Impulse Basskultur in two weeks' time - so I've just dropped an old skool hardcore mix as a promo to whet some appetites for the Parallax Recordings room! Party info: https://ra.co/events/1753217 More about the mix...
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    DnB Pearsall presents 75 Shadows: Moving Shadow 1993-1997

    I'm really excited to share with you a new project for summer 2022 ... 75 Shadows! Over the next five weeks I will be sharing a new mix each week, each one dedicated to the mighty Moving Shadow's output from a single year between 1993 to 1997. Longtime heads will of course be familiar with...
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    Hardcore Pearsall - Yaman 1993 Hardcore [My tribute to the legendary tape series]

    Hi! I've always been a big fan of the Yaman tape series, so for my latest mix I've painstakingly gone through all of their hardcore tapes from 1993 and pulled together a tracklisting that takes in tracks from every dj and every tape. With selectors like LTJ Bukem, DJ Hype, Peshay, Randall, and...
  4. Intense Records

    DnB 10% Off + Free Shipping - D&B/Jungle/Old Skool New Release Sheet - 14/02/20

    Check out the brand new titles added to the intenserecords.com shop here and get 10% off your order with the code 'dnbforum' and take advantage of our new shipping deals: Free Shipping Offer Free UK Shipping on Orders over £30 Europe - £5 Shipping orders over £50 ROW - £15 shipping on orders...
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    DnB Pearsall - Amen Promo Mix (30 tracks, 10 from '93, 10 from ' 94, 10 from '95)

    Yo! So on Saturday night I will be playing an old skool hardcore / jungle set at Amen at Urban Spree here in Berlin, and to whet appetites I've put together this 30 track all vinyl mix that covers 10 tracks from each year from 1993 to 1995, to really show the incredibly fast evolution of the...
  6. Intense Records

    Intense Records Essential Picks!

    We've put together a list of our essential picks from this weeks releases in the Drum & Bass World Check it out below! http://tinyurl.com/y3vtxc2c - Staff selections: Skeptical - Musket001 https://www.intenserecords.com/music/dnb/item/32942.html Villem - Murkt001...
  7. Lossless Music

    Soul Intent Vs Acid Lab "Clash Of Headz" Dope Plates 003

    Dope Plates 003 DOPE003 A1. Soul Intent Vs Acid Lab "Clash Of Headz B1. Soul Intent "Move" (Vinyl/Bandcamp Exclusive) B2. Pepsi Slammer "Mike Alert" Limited Edition 12" Blood Red Vinyl Mastered and Cut by Shane @ Finyl Tweak "Dope Plates is back with more old skool influenced breakbeat joy...
  8. djpsyche

    DnB DJ Psyche - Classic D&B Vinyl Cuts 1997-2000 Vol. 3

    1 Abandon Me (Love Don't Live Here Anymore) (Urban Shakedown Remix) by Yazz ‎ 2 The Acid Track by Dillinja 3 Benjamin Franklins by DJ Ron 4 Five Tones by Undercover Agent 5 Twin Town Karaoke (Guardians Of Dilliance Remix) by Omni Trio 6 Mens Rea (Defining Moments) by The Advocate 7 Virgins...
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    Old skool junglist

    I first got into dnb when I was 13 (1994) my uncle introduced me to hardcore before that djs such d trippa,ratty and mickey finn my favourite mcs were gq and Robbie D. I remember when it split into jungle and happy hardcore and thinking jungle was more superior with the likes of Congo natty and...
  10. Mr.grimey

    Old Skool Jazzy Jungle Mix - Jit (Crystl, Aqaurius & Tyla, Big Bud, PFM...)

    4 Hero- Planetaria Infest - Neratira DJ Crystl - Mind Games E - Z Rollers - Believe (Photek Remix) The Truper - Toulepleu Funky Technicians - Airtight PFM - Language of Love EZ Rollers - Walk this Land Voyager - Martian Chronics Seba & Lotek - So Long Big Bud - Source of Inspiration Photek -...
  11. problemchild

    DJ Problem Child - Guest Mix On Music Galaxy Radio 24.12.2016

    Tracklist Threshold - Fuk-Ri (Crusty Core Version) [Foundation X] Nolige - Adrenaline (2016 Edit) [Foundation X - Amenizer] Unknown Artist - Untitled [Foundation X - Amenizer] Bizzy B - Twisted Mentasm [Brain Progression] DJ Trace - Never Felt This Way (One Step Ahead) [Dee Jay] Ninj -...
  12. problemchild

    DJ Problem Child - Nu Skool Jungle Techno 2016

    Tracklist FX - World of Darkness Worldwide Epidemic - Proceed...(Through The Gates Of Hell) Tim Reaper & Worldwide Epidemic - Z Maze FX - Father Merrin FX - Too Dark Dev/Null - The Luckiest Spin Worldwide Epidemic - Ruler Of Olympus Worldwide Epidemic - Graveyard Swing FX - The Devil's...
  13. problemchild

    DJ Problem Child - 1992 Hardcore Selection

    Tracklist Naz A.K.A. Naz - It's Started Again (Naz 'N' Dave Mix) [786 Approved] Satin Storm - Think I'm Goin' Out Of My Head [Satin Storm] L.T. Bukem - Logical Progression (Alternate mix) [VMR] Doc Scott - Here Comes The Drumz [Reinforced] Jumpin Jack Frost - Pornography [F-Project] Kaotic...
  14. DJ MASSI

    DJ Massi - Old Skool Rave Jungle Techno Mix!! 125bpm-160bpm

    Some New and Classic Old Skool Rave Jungle Techno Mix - Plus some of my own productions thrown in! Tracklist: Massi - Tranquility Mella Dee - Here SL2 - DJs Take Control (Original Version) Special Request - Reset It (Head High Real Mix) Mella Dee - Deep Soul Lennie DE ICE - We Are IE...
  15. S

    Gachet 93 Quest ID needed! DnB

    can anyone help with this track please? Drums break at 24seconds for a, hopefully, recognisable part of the tune. Thanks!
  16. Hexikal

    "The Lickwid Hour" www.lick.fm - Debut Show.

    https://www.mixcloud.com/LickFM/the-liquid-drum-bass-show-with-hexikal-5th-january-2016/ Playlist on Mixcloud, unknowns in comments.
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    [Jungle] Pearsall's Parallax #3 Promo Mix [Berlin Jungle Party 28/11/15]

    I'll be playing an original jungle set at Parallax on the 28h of November at St Georg in Kreuzberg, Berlin, so I thought I would knock up a promo mix to whet people's appetites. Also playing on the night will be Stuttgart's Yen-Cee and residents Vali NME Click and Tu:Phaces. More party info...
  18. Bare Grillz

    DnB RAGGA JUNGLE - Bare Grillz - Seeking Rastafari (Bootleg)

  19. B

    Truper & Sentinel projects LTD Edition reissue

    Hi Everyone, if you haven't grabbed a copy yet I still have limited stock left so grab this whilst you can..http://basement-records.com/truper-boxset The Limited Edition Truper Set & CD 3 x 12" Singles / 2 x Street Beats Slipmats / 12 Track CD featuring all of the Truper & Sentinel Tracks from...
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