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  1. jawa

    Chinese Daughter-Everyday Junglist Podcast

  2. P

    DnB Peoples Station #6: Pearsall [Old Skool Jungle Mix]

    Yes, I'm extremely on the ball, but here's a mix I did in March (!) for the Peoples Station crew (aka Vali NME Click and DJ Chromz) for their show on Jungletrain.net They requested an old skool jungle mix, so I decided to have a little fun with it and just pull out half a shelf of records and...
  3. jawa

    Bronx-Everyday Junglist Podcast

    Track list: Desired State - Here & Now (Remix) 
IJO - Say (Kid Lib Remix) Coolhand Flex - Melody Madness (Coolhand Flex Remix) Hyper-On Experience - DAT Coat (Coco Bryce Remix) Madcap - Good Old Dayz After Dark - Reincarnation Tim Reaper - The Future Retro Sound of London E.P. B1 Thunderhead -...
  4. jawa

    Dertie Bassett-Everyday Junglist Podcast

    Track list: Babylon Cru-Dress Up Rude Bwoy Monty-Jungle Man Q Bass-Gun Connection feat. Skeng Tee Phineus II- Snakes & Ladders M Beat- Dark Magnet Just Jungle- Double Crisp Undercover Agent & The Criminal- Jah Works 4 Hero- Mr Kirk’s Nightmare (Immortal Minds 95’ Remix) Subjects- Murder Style...
  5. A

    Attention Old Skool Junglists!!!!

    Hello drum & bass community, I'm currently working on a project that's looking into the culture of old skool jungle/drum n bass, focusing in particular on the late great Sanctuary Music Arena in Milton Keynes which hosted the likes of Dreamscape, Slammin Vinyl & Accelerated Culture. I'm...
  6. jawa

    DJ Chromz-Everyday Junglist Podcast

    Track list: Stakka & K-Tee - Brockin Out Baraka - Nutty Bass The Underworld - Don Man In The Dance Dubb Hustlers - I Can't Quite Understand Ruffkutt - I Cant Take It DJ Ash & DJ Vern - Magnificent FFF - Run The Circuit Brother T & Dylan Dogg - Herbalist Tenament Rock & Original DJ Vibes - Grown...
  7. jawa

    C-1-Everyday Junglist Podcast

    Track list: 1. Subjects - ‘Say Go’ (Deep Jungle Records) 2. Gang Related / Mask - ‘Tear It Up’ (Dope Dragon Records) 3. Lemon D - ‘Jah Love’ (Conqueror Records) 4. Splash - ‘Babylon’ (Dee Jay Recordings) 5. Renegade - ‘Terrorist PA Mix’ (Dread Recordings) 6. MTS - ‘Baad Boy Sound’ (Juice...
  8. jawa

    Multi Genre Response & Pliskin-Everyday Junglist Podcast

    Track list: David Holmes-Gone (PFM remix) Olive-Miracle (Doc Scott remix) Ruby-Salt water fish (Peshay remix) Mark Morrison-Crazy ( Dj Pulse remix) Mulu-Pussycat (PFM remix) TDF-Rip stop (Dj Pulse remix) The medicine men-Scream in the jungle (Source Direct remix) Aquasky-Dezires (Dj Krust remix)...
  9. jawa

    DJ MAFS-Everyday Junglist Podcast

    Track list: 01 Future Sound Of Hardcore - Desire 1993 02 Flytronix - R*T*I (Return To Intelligence) 1995 03 Noise Gate – Illusions 1995 04 Hopa & Bones ‎– Mystical Horns (VIP) 1994 05 Tech Itch - A Far Place 1994 06 Voyager ‎- Knowledge 1995 07 Orca – Intalect (VIP) 1994 08 Fallen Angels ‎–...
  10. jawa

    Ark X-Exclusive Mix-Everyday Junglist Podcast

    Track list: Donnie Murdo - Leeds Massive Nebula - Fantasia ??? (Donnie Murdo Remix) Ark X & No Nation - PiHKAL Kid Lib & Percussive P - Under Earth (Kid Lib VIP Mix) FX - The Sound Of FX (Steve Gurley Remix) Dwarde & Tim Reaper - Globex Corp Vol. 6 A1 (Equinox Remix) Peter Darker - Ghostbusters...
  11. D

    DnB join my mixcloud

    come and join my page,for uploads everyday packed with loads of old and new jungle mixes from me the sparks.. please like and share and spread the word.. Cheers folks ! https://www.mixcloud.com/sparks-sparks3/ Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Djsparks1981?refid=8
  12. Mr.grimey

    Lejit & MC Blackeye - Jungle show on Life FM

    Debut show on Life FM hosted by MC Blackeye 2hrs Tracklist to follow
  13. djpsyche

    DnB DJ Psyche - Deep Jungle Excursion 2 [1992-94]

    DJ Psyche - Deep Jungle Excursion 2 All vinyl selection of Jungle 92-94 1 Unknown (??) by BIO 001 2 Cape Fear by Remarc + Lewi Cifer 3 4 Meg Soundboy by Smokey Joe 4 Fantasy Remix by Dubtronix 5 Horns 4 ‘94 by Back 2 Basics 6 Let It Roll by DJ Crystl 7 Far Away by Doc Scott 8 Catch 22 by DMS...
  14. O

    old skool jungle mixes

    https://m.mixcloud.com/mark-steven4/pure-gold-dj-sparks/ https://m.mixcloud.com/mark-steven4/jungle-classics-vol1-dj-sparks/ https://m.mixcloud.com/mark-steven4/redds-mix-old-skool-dj-sparks/ for loads more please visit my main page www.mixcloud.com/mark-steven4


    DOWNLOAD::http://www.mixcloud-downloader.com/mark-steven4/can-i-get-an-amen-dj-sparks/promotion LISTEN:: https://beta.mixcloud.com/mark-steven4/can-i-get-an-amen-dj-sparks/
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